There is a brand new Nutritional Tour de Force on the Main Line. It is Main Line Integrative Nutrition. Their motto:

Eat Well. Be Well.

Life is dynamic. Your diet should be too.

         Medically Supervised Integrative Nutrition

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Here is their mission:

We empower you with the resources you need to create a sustainable lifestyle plan.

Integrative nutrition integrates your overall physical and emotional wellness, medical conditions, medications/supplements, desires, goals and preferences into your evaluation and plan.

At Main Line Integrative Nutrition we offer medically supervised nutrition counseling and testing to help our patients prevent and treat nutrition related medical conditions and achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

We use your bio-individuality to create healthy options that work for you. We’ll help you choose the optimal foods taking into account your tastes, preferences, goals, cultural & religious beliefs and lifestyle to create a lasting, sustainable plan that will maximize your wellness.