By now, we should all know what NOT to eat, right? Right!! So why do we still eat it? Because it’s in almost everything that is made 😦 Why? Because it way more profitable to use HO’s (Hydrogenated Oils) than it is to use non-hydrogenated oils. Most companies care more about their profits than your health. There are no health benefits to hydrogenated oils, NONE!! If you read the label and see the word hydrogenated (partially or otherwise) put it back and opt for one without the word hydrogenated in it. I’m not going to bore you with the hydrogenation process of oils, let’s just say that if hydrogen was supposed to be in the oils, nature would have included it in the oils natural dna!! Having said that, if you consume these products once in a while, you will be fine. It’s more of an immediate health concern for those consuming these oils on the daily. There are a few other label red flags you should opt out of:

HFC (High Fructose Corn Syrup) – NASTY!!

Enriched White Flour – All the nutrients are destroyed in the making of this product

refined sugar – just use something else. I LOVE coconut sugar, it’s amazing, try Agave nectar, made from the same plant as Tequila so it has to be good, right!!??

Saturated Fats (animal, butter, cream, 1/2&1/2) – Again, once in a while, these fats are harmless in the long run (assuming you exercise and have a somewhat healthy lifestyle) but if you consume them daily, you are probably going to die earlier than you normally would had you not eaten these fats every day and I’m conservatively saying at least 10 years earlier!!

Look, i’m no certified expert on this stuff but I’ve done enough research and watched enough Oprah’s and Dr. Oz’s to feel pretty comfortable putting this out there. If you do however want some expert advice on a healthier lifestyle and want a “rest of your life” plan to feel good about, please visit Main Line Integrative Nutrition.


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