Salad!! Doesn’t sound very exciting, does it? Well how about if we redefine what it means. When I think of salad, yes, I think of lettuce, but that’s where my conventional thinking stops! I could eat salads every day of my life and never have the same salad twice. Take yesterday for instance, I went home for lunch and wanted something spicy. I took out my pie plate (yes, I make salads in a pie plate, because I love lettuce and use a ton of it) chopped up a whole head of romain and threw it in the plate. Then I put in cukes, raw broccoli, carrots, cannellini beans, and instead of dressing, I just used hot sauce!! It was amazing, see:

IMG_2963I know this is a pretty conventional salad but what I’m getting at is that with a salad, you can have whatever you’re craving. Start with the basics and then add whatever, chicken, beef, cheese, beans, tofu, seeds, nuts, anchovies, you get the picture. If you really want to know what YOU should be putting on your salad, let Main Line Integrative Nutrition do a lifestyle analysis and not only will you be eating what you want, you will be eating what you need as well.