Kids in Sports? Help them be the best!

Sports Nutrition

Athletes have unique nutrition requirements. Athletic performance and recovery are enhanced by attention to nutrition. We can help you reach and maintain optimal performance based on your age and the type of athlete you are. Long distance runners have very different needs than weight lifters and body builders.

We will help you identify the right quantity, quality and timing of food, fluids and electrolytes to support regular training and peak performance. As training changes throughout the year, your nutrient intake must adjust in order to maintain endurance. We are able to create a program specifically for all seasons of training.


IMG_3064Conventional and specialized testing can allow us to see your overall nutritional status, detoxification/hormone clearing ability and food sensitivities. All of these are important factors when looking at providing your body with the best possible nutrients specific to your biochemistry. We have seen this improve many athletes’ training programs as well as the ability recover after workout sessions. Check out the different types of specialized tests we routinely run at MLIN.

For more info on Sports Nutrition, go to Main Line Integrative Nutrition

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