Just because it’s there, doesn’t mean you HAVE to eat it!!

We have had 2 birthdays in our office this week. The first birthday resulted in a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. th-1The second resulted in some pre-packages brownies and chocolate chip cookies, mmmmmmm. Who can resist those?!?!?! ME, I CAN!! It’s called discipline people. If you are overweight to the point where your knees are caving in, use this elusive discipline to control yourself. On top of everything else, a rep came in and th-2brought two boxes of yummy donuts. There is absolutely nobody in this office that needs to eat a piece of cake, a cookie, a brownie, or a donut!!

Try this. Keep some healthy snacks in your desk, or at least somewhere accessible. May I suggest nuts, or fruit, or carrots, or sweet potato fries (which you can nuke). Or at the very least, if you just can’t NOT eat that stuff, make it yourself so at least you know what’s in it!!

Last but certainly not least, before you indulge in any of that crap, drink a whole big glass of waterth and at least if you still have to indulge yourself, your body will be more prepared to handle the inundation of carbs (sugar) you just put it through. Once you do it a few times (walk away from the crap), it gets easier. So the next time this scenario happens to you, DO NOT partake of any of it and see how you feel when you get home. Trust me, you’re gonna feel pretty damn good!!!!

For more info on a healthier lifestyle, please visit Main Line Integrative Nutrition

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