polysorbate dibromidehorrible??

Have you ever heard of the above ingredient? Me neither, because it doesn’t exist!! I made it up. You wouldn’t eat anything if you looked at the ingredients and one of them was the above mentioned ingredient, would you? No, of course not. Just like this “made up” ingredient, most foods you find at the market have the same made up ingredients. Can you imagine that in todays world it is cheaper to MAKE an ingredient than it is to use a naturally found, organic one. Yet it is. And it is so much to the point that we can manufacture food at so little cost, that people can afford to eat it to the point of obesity. It’s so cheap to eat unhealthy, that people are literally sacrificing years of quality life with their loved ones so that they can eat cheaply.


Your body has no idea what to do with manufactured ingredients!! Just ask the experts at Main Line Integrative Nutrition. You may as well put the word horrible at the end of 90% of the foods that are in most grocery stores. Here’s a guide line you can follow. If a food has a shelf life of say 4 days, such as broccoli, or spinach, or grass fed beef, or a pear or banana, then it will probably feel the effects of it for the same amount of time, and in a good way!! On the other hand, if you eat something that is filled with preservatives and has a shelf life of, let’s say, a year, you will also feel the effects of this food, for a year. Some of these effects you will know about physically and some, you will not know until it’s too late 😦

Do yourself a favor. Buy mostly healthy, organic, minimally processed foods. Yes, it’s more expensive, but you are overweight anyway and shouldn’t be eating that much. Also, drink a lot of water. I cannot stress this enough. WATER is the cornerstone to any healthy lifestyle. Any questions, ask the experts at Main Line Integrative Nutrition.


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