Hi I’m Al, Al Cohol :-)

Yeah, I know, if you’re my age (late 30’s 🙂 all of our parents were alcoholics!! Well, we are not our parents and if you are actually reading this blog then chances are you care more about your health than your parents did. Having said that, here’s an excerpt, straight from the american nutrition and dietetic association

Beer Steins

“Moderate drinking, along with a healthful eating pattern and regular physical activity, may offer health benefits too, such as lower risk for heart disease, mostly for middle-age and older adults. But remember that calories from alcoholic beverages can add up, causing weight gain and the so-called “beer belly.” For example, one beer is generally about 150 calories, which may not seem like much, but over time those calories can add up fast.”


Think about everything that went into making this (my personal fave) bottle of whiskey. And then after it was made, it SAT in oak barrels for 21 years pulling everything it could out of the perfectly charred wood. This bottle will last me about a year!! How healthy is that!!?? Remember, you must be of legal drinking age to consume alcoholic beverages, which is currently 21 in the US.

They also say, which I have heard many times and not sure if I agree with, that moderate drinking is one drink for women and two drinks for men per day. Now if you’re drinking every day, you gotta ask yourself a question, “Can I just not drink for a week”. Try it and see what happens. You know what I’m getting at. If you want to know more about alcohol and nutrition, you can get your liver checked (or what’s left of it) by setting up an appt. at Main Line Integrative Nutrition.

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