Is this your next favorite snack?


It should be! It’s the kumquat. I bought some the other day because I love anything orangish/tangerineish/tangeloish, and really wanted to try them. Turns out that I can’t stop thinking about these pop in your mouth nutritional powerhouses. What makes them so good? The flavors of course. I say flavors because there are so many. First is a super tart wake up call for the senses, then a tangy tangeriny sensation which is slowly subdued by a sweet edible rind. Once you have a few kumquats under your belt, you will have no problem popping them like oxys on a bad day!! In fact, if your having a bad day, start popping these babies instead!! They’re tastier, more nutritious, and a lot cheaper than oxy. They may even save your life! BOOM!! There it is, kumquats are actually a life saving fruit. Try them on salads, or in stir-fry or make an Asian glaze for salmon.

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