Ditch the ice, use this superfood instead!

Instead of watering your drink down with ice, why not infuse more flavor whilst keeping it ice cold. I use frozen blueberries. Although blueberries may not suit every drink, it will play nice with most of them. I fill my glass 3/4 full with frozen blueberries and then add the drink. Not only are you keeping your drink cold, you are increasing the health benefits of your drink. Blueberries are nutrient dense superberries! A 1 cup serving ( I eat way more than that 🙂 has 4 g fiber, 24% RDI vitamin C, 36% vitamin K (potassium), 25% manganese, and only 84 calories! Yes they are high on the carb scale but unless you are on a low carb diet, don’t worry about it, live in the blueberry moment. Here’s some other BBBs ( big blueberry benefits ):

Blueberries reduce DNA damage

Blueberries protect your cholesterol

Blueberries may help lower blood pressure (also, may not but it looks more likely that it will 🙂

Blueberries are good for my heart so chances are they are good for yours as well

Blueberries help your memory, I think??

Blueberries have Anthocyanins which help with diabetes

UTI?? Eat some blueberries

Extra hard workout? Eat some blueberries, they will help reduce muscle damage.

Do your own research on these amazing berries because I just pulled this stuff off the internet but I have also read some of these facts numerous times on different sites and I’m 52 and I act and work and play like I’m 30 and I eat a ton of blueberries! Coincidence??? Probably not.

Where do I get my blueberries? Wegmans of course. I buy the giant frozen bag and they are delicious. Give em a try. Let me know what you drink with your blueberries.

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