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Going green? Don’t stop at recycling!!

Go green with your grilling too. Vegetables taste better and are healthier for you if you grill them because you are not losing any of the nutrients in the cooking medium (water, oil, steamer). And make sure you don’t “char” them because that char is loaded with carcinogens according to some recent studies. You can

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PROTEINS – It’s all in the balance!!

6 degrees of preparation ūüôā   Good¬†nutrition¬†can¬†help¬†prevent¬†disease¬†and¬†promote¬†health.¬†There¬†are¬†six¬†categories¬†of¬†nutrients¬†that¬†the¬†body¬†needs¬†to¬†acquire¬†from¬†food:¬†protein,¬†carbohydrates,¬†fat,¬†fibers,¬†vitamins¬†and¬†minerals,¬†and¬†water. Proteins:   Protein¬†supplies¬†amino¬†acids¬†to¬†build¬†and¬†maintain¬†healthy¬†body¬†tissue.¬†There¬†are¬†20¬†amino¬†acids¬†considered¬†essential¬†because¬†the¬†body¬†must¬†have¬†all¬†of¬†them¬†in¬†the¬†right¬†amounts¬†to¬†function¬†properly.¬†Twelve¬†of¬†these¬†are¬†manufactured¬†in¬†thebody¬†but¬†the¬†other¬†eight¬†amino¬†acids¬†must¬†be¬†provided¬†by¬†the¬†diet.¬†Foods¬†from¬†animal¬†sources¬†such¬†as¬†milk¬†or¬†eggs¬†oftencontain¬†all¬†these¬†essential¬†amino¬†acids¬†while¬†a¬†variety¬†of¬†plant¬†products¬†must¬†be¬†taken¬†together¬†to¬†provide¬†all¬†these¬†necessary¬†protein¬†components. There are 33 elements you should be aware of to keep your body functioning at the proper levels. If you would like to know if you are properly balanced, take this test: Micronutrient Testing This test is a comprehensive nutritional analysis of 33 vitamins, minerals,

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There’s no substitute for a healthy lifestyle

  Are you taking supplements? Have you asked yourself why? Is your answer, “because everyone’s taking them”!! That’s just stupid and a waste of money. The only way to know for sure exactly what your body is lacking is to do a micronutrient test at the cellular level. This can be done at¬†Main Line Integrative

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